Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samsung 12MP Dig Camera LCD

Samsung 12MP Dig Camera 4.6X Opt 3 In LCD Red

Brand Samsung

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Product Details
* 1-1/2" LCD on front makes it easy to put yourself in the shot
* 3" touchscreen LCD on the back for intuitive operation
* 12.2-megapixel effective recording
* Wide-angle Schneider lens with 4.6X optical zoom
* Dual Image Stabilization (optical and digital)

Samsung proudly introduces a new milestone in digital camera technology. The 12.2 Megapixel Dual LCD Digital Camera with a 1.5" front LCD screen, a revolutionary feature in the industry, lets you take part in capturing the moment like never before. The Samsung Dual LCD Digital Camera lets you see every scene in a completely new and exciting way. Just use the front LCD screen, and set up the perfect shot with you in it, time after time. A host of top-ranked features and technologies, from the lens to the user interface, turns this camera into a true must-have. And the small, handheld size makes it easy to take it with you everywhere you go. The Schneider lens optics with 4.6x Zoom lets you get up close on almost any subject 27mm Wide Angle lens captures even more of the moment Countdown timer - Use it to coordinate any shot perfectly Child mode - Keep small children's attention, with a built-in animation Front and Back LCD Screens - Get out from behind the camera and get in the shot Perfectly framing yourself is quick and easy Never miss being in a once-in-a-lifetime moment Rear Touch Screen LCD - Scroll quickly through all menus Easily access your photo library Haptic vibration response registers your choices Gesture UI is a revolutionary new way to view and sort through menus and options Smart Auto - Automatically senses picture conditions, and adjusts for the perfect shot Optimizes shot regardless of poor lighting 14 different preset modes, for a variety of settings Parameters can also be bypassed for manual control

# Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches ; 14.4 ounces
# Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

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Reviews Samsung 12MP Dig Camera LCD

I went to Best Buy yesterday and played around with the TL220 (st500 and st550 in Europe and Asia, and is the same cam as the TL225, just less features) for over an hour (no kidding, an employee told me to "Just buy the thing already"lol), and I can not express how much I LOVE this thing!

I have never had so much fun playing around with a camera before! It is sooo user friendly, I picked it up and knew everything within a couple of minutes!

The Pictures it took where pretty good, it didn't do so well with close moving subjects, much blurr, but still pics where clear and the colors where vibrant. I found a Korean site to where a gentleman who bought this Cam posted a TON of Pic's, they all looked wonderful as-well. He also stated that this was a "Very Very good Cam".

My favorite feature that sent me over the top was the "Beauty Shot" mode and front LCD feature! I have scars on my face due to acne (pretty bad scaring), and I went into Best Buy looking greasy and very sweaty (just got off of work). The pictures I took of myself in Beauty Shot mode made me look like a Model!!! I am not kidding, my face went from greasy and nasty in regular pics I was taking of myself, to looking like I belonged on a runway for a photoshoot once in Beauty Mode!!! I was SHOCKED at how perfectly complected my face looked, you could not see one acne scar or blemish, it was amazing! I did not expect this feature to work so well!!!

I took probably 80 or so pic's of myself, I absolutely love the front screen! Yes, I took pics of myself before, but only for web-sites a forum purposes. With this, it was a BLAST!!! I had so much fun with this camera, I did not expect myself to care to much for the front screen, but I will be using it all the time once I pick-up this cam!!

Menu system is fast. For a touchscreen i find it to be more than adequate. Response times don't keep you waiting.

Very "iphone-ish" in the sense that its touch and has features like multi-delete (select as many pictures as you want to delta in one fatal swoop instead of deleting a single image at a time), accelerometer for browsing pictures and tap to focus, which is sweet.

Sweet continuous shoot mode. Seems to capture fractions of a second at a time.
HD Video is very nice. You can trim video on the device itself and select a frame from the video to save as a photo.
Form factor is great. Not the smallest, but the size seems to fit the quality.
5x Optical Zoom is a treat for a point and shoot.

Fast boot to picture: It takes less than 3 seconds to power on the camera and snap your first photo.

I like that it has distinctly different audible beeps for 1) a positive auto focus lock and 2) when its not able to autolock the focus on your subject. Even the front LCD displays a "red Reticle" for bad focus and a "green reticule" for perfect focus when doing self portraits.

Smart Modes: In my low lit living room, the camera auto-detected that there was not adequate light and adjusted itself for the environment. The result, a nice picture with lightened features with no dark spots.

Slide show mode: You can select exactly what pictures you want to play. You don't have to sit through all photos, including the bad ones. It has about 5 different preset audio tracks to play while watching the slide show. Nice touch.