Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samsung HMX-H100 HD Flash Memory Camcorder

Samsung HMX-H100 HD Flash Memory Camcorder with10x Optical Zoom

Brand Samsung

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Product Details
* 1920 x 1080 Full HD recording; superior image quality appears clear on your HDTV
* Capture HD video to SDHC cards
* 37mm wide-angle lens; Optical Image Stabilizer
* 4.7-megapixel digital still photo capability
* High resolution, touch-panel LCD

Samsung HMX-H100 Highlights

Progressive HD (1920 x 1080 Full HD)
Samsung’s HMX-H100 delivers the very highest quality video by using progressive scan technology. It records HD quality video in progressive mode (30fps), so that the video is crisp and clear, regardless of how fast the subject is moving. Progressive scan technology produces smooth images even when videos are played back at 2x, 4x or even 8x the normal speed!

37mm wide-angle lens (Schneider's Varioplan-HD lens)
A 37mm wide-angle Lens, fitted to a camcorder, allows you to experience a new world of images. The world-class Schneider lens is specially designed to produce clear and vivid images by correcting chromatic aberration and distortion. Unlike other camcorders offering a typical angle of view of 40 - 50 mm, a wide angle view of 37mm provides wider and richer images from the same distance. Enjoy the world of dynamic, exceptional images brought to you by 37mm!

Time Lapse Recording
By setting time intervals for frame capture, you can take full advantage of the Time Lapse Recording function. This feature uses selective frame capture to record over an extended period of time so that you can see the effects of long term recording condensed into a shorter time frame. Imagine seeing the slow passage of clouds through the sky or a sunset over the water in only a few minutes.

Swivel Hand-Grip
Samsung’s unique Swivel Hand-Grip design makes shooting difficult angles a snap. With a flick of the wrist, you can change the shoot angle of the camcorder to take the perfect video every time-all with one hand! The ergonomic design will open new doors to the way you shoot video.

# Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 4 inches ; 1.9 pounds
# Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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Reviews Samsung HMX-H100 HD Flash Memory Camcorder

I am very pleased at the quality of the video this small camcorder can produce. I have been using Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra video editing program to load, edit, and record to DVD using an old DVD burner I have had in my computer for about 5 years. It also allows auto uploads to You Tube. With the Cyberlink software there is no need to convert the native files the H100 produces. I have tried most if not all of the popular editing programs, and only Corel Video Studio Pro X2 required a conversion to load. Intelli-Studio, a "lite" type editing program, that comes with the H100, easily converted the H.264 files to a usable format.

My favorite things, after trying a fistful of HD camcorders:
- Fantastic image. Quality of video rivals Canon.
- Hands down the BEST anti-shake feature I've seen in this price range. Canon isn't even remotely close.
- Easy to use

The bad:
- Small internal battery, one size only. OK lifespan, but I prefer something external like Canon's, you can buy a bigger size and clip it on still.
- It doesn't handle low light. Very few of these do well in indoors or low light, though. My sister's wedding was at sunset, once the sun was down, the video was bad. The best low-light performance I've seen was in a Sanyo, but the video quality was terrible in comparison.
- While the screen menu is easy to use (touchscreen a nice bonus), some features, like activating a backlit mode, you don't want to have to dig through a menu to get to.
- Focus speed was slower than I like, but perhaps that was due to the low light.
- Samsung advertised that this could do 1080 60i or 30p, that is a flat out lie. There is no 30p feature on this machine, at least not at 1080.

If you need something easy, handy, that produces great images, and you don't need all the features a Canon can offer, this is it!