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Samsung SMX-C10 Touch of Color Camcorder

Samsung SMX-C10 Touch of Color Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Red)

Brand Samsung

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Product Details
* Features Samsung's unique Active Angle Lens
* 10x optical zoom paired with Hyper Image Stabilization to help reduce blurry footage
* Edit or share videos from anywhere with intelli-studio program
* Stylish Touch of Color (ToC) finish
* Capture video to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included); recharge the battery via AC adapter or USB

The Samsung SMX-C10 is ideal for those on the go, and offers an impressive 10x optical zoom paired with Hyper Image Stabilization to help reduce blurry footage. It features a 230,000-dot, swiveling 2.7-inch wide LCD screen, which allows users to effortlessly frame their subjects and review their footage. Similar to the full-HD HMX-R10, the SMX-C10s boast Samsung's Active Angle Lens. This unique design helps reduce fatigue by allowing consumers to grip the camcorder in a more relaxed manner, easing the overall stress on their wrist and elbow. Unlike traditional camcorders, the relaxed grip also removes the LCD screen from the user's line of sight, enabling them to always keep an eye on their subject while recording.

The SMX-C10 does not feature internal memory and requires the use of SD/SDHC media. It also offers substantial battery life, providing more than two hours and forty minutes of record time on a single charge.

The SMX-C10 also incorporate Samsung's play-edit-sharing program called intelli studio. The built-in intelli-studio program allows consumers to connect the camcorder to any computer via USB and edit and play their video without having to install supporting software. intelli-studio also facilitates the process of uploading users' content to popular video sharing Web sites. For added convenience, a one-touch "upload" button, available directly on the SMX-C10, provides a direct connection to YouTube, further reducing the number of steps needed to upload footage. In addition, the camcorder also allows basic on-camera editing, including the ability to merge and split video files.

Samsung also enhances the video recording experience with several unique features, including time-lapse recording, animated thumbnails and a versatile charging system. Time-lapse recording allows users to program the camcorder to record at a pre-set interval of one image every one, three, five, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. Time-lapse recording is especially useful for condensing extremely long events, such as rolling clouds on a sunny day, into a short, easy to-view video.

Samsung's animated thumbnail feature simplifies the way users search for video clips on the SMX-C10. Each video clip saved on the camcorder is represented by a small thumbnail on the LCD screen. When scrolling through one's videos, each thumbnail will provide a short playback of the video file when highlighted by the user. The SMX-C10 also features a versatile charging system. Users can either recharge the battery by connecting the camcorder to the supplied AC adapter or via USB while the camcorder is connected to a computer.

# Product Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 3 inches ; 1.3 pounds
# Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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Reviews Samsung SMX-C10 Touch of Color Camcorder

Out of the box, extremely easy to use. Anyone that can't figure this out WITHOUT the manual has no business touching electronics, I'm sorry. The manual is pictures, no words - if that gives you some idea how simple it is to use. It charged up in about 30 minutes, took some play around videos that night in the living room (no overhead lighting - lamp/tv/fish tank is all the light it has) and it did fine, so I can't quite get with the bad low lighting shooting comments. There is no light so night-time shooting is probably out, obviously. The zoom is fantastic, I went max zoom on some of my 1" fish from across the room, no blurriness at all.

The playback is great, I love that you can flip the screen around and fold it back in during watching, with an convenient rewind button right next to it. It is extremely light and small - can easily be carried in a pocket. Fits the hand well, with both the record and zoom buttons in convenient finger positions. The tilted lens profile is much easier on the wrist for extended shooting.

Now, the real test was Thanksgiving. Shot around the house some, but took it outside when after dinner we toss around the pigskin. This thing shot great video, could zoom in on people as they were making the catch (we were running slant routes, giving it some on-the-move action opportunities). I got great footage of someone getting a football to the side of the face from 20 yards out, which is already an instant family classic. Took it into direct sunlight, and with sunlight behind me - could still easily see the LCD. Only twice during the hour+ of filming did it lose focus for a second or two on someone running while I zoomed in - but fixed quickly. And unless some of you are secretly M Night Shyamalan I think people would manage this with a much more expensive camcorder.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good but some flaws, September 23, 2009
By Glenn A. Auve (Arlington, VA) - See all my reviews
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I have to preface this by saying I just received the camcorder today so I am still learning the functions.

Video quality seems to be perfectly fine to me. In bright light the colors look very vibrant and true to life. In dim light things are a little less colorful as you would expect. There are a multitude of scene modes which should really help if you take the time to set the right one for the conditions you are in. There is a setting for very low light conditions; a setting for back lighting, spot lighting, sports/fast motion, fountains/waterfalls, fluorescent light, tungsten... and on and on. There is also a setting for the exposure if you need to manually override the camera. You can also focus manually if necessary and there is a face detection mode. If you whip the thing around it will have a hard time focusing. The key is to make slow movements of the camera and hold a second or two if necessary to allow the auto focus to do its thing.

This device is light as a feather and it is tiny. It fits comfortably in the hand. The angled lens takes a little getting used to. Out of the box the battery is very fast to charge.

The time lapse recording feature is very cool and is something I can definitely see myself playing around with quite a lot.

The built-in studio software seems to work fine. I don't plan to do lots of intensive editing. I had some trouble getting the software to download to my desktop PC but the laptop had no issues.

My biggest issues at the moment are that it appears the camera does not save all of your settings and reverts back to some default states every time you turn it on. This is quite annoying as you have to go back into all of the menus to set everything up each time. Some things do stay on like scene mode selection or image stabilization but other things like the fader selection revert back to off. Not sure why it doesn't save everything as you leave it.

The other issue is that digital zoom only operates when you have the image stabilizer turned off.

This one does not have still photo capability. You need to upgrade to the C14 if that is important to you.