Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder

Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder w/16GB Memory & 42x Intelli-Zoom (Black)

Brand Samsung

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Product Details
* Record SD video to SD/SDHC cards and 16 GB of internal flash memory
* Enhance 34x optical zoom up to 42x with Samsung's new Intelli-zoom
* Web & Mobile shooting mode for easy online video sharing
* Capture 800x600 digital still photos
* Swivel hand grip for comfortable low-angle shooting

The SMX-F34 features a memory card slot for SD/SDHC and also offers 16GB of internal flash memory. Samsung is the first digital imaging company to apply H.264 compression to standard definition video, which considerably extends record times. Thanks to H.264 compression, users can record up to eight hours of standard definition video directly to the camcorder’s internal flash memory without having to rely on a memory card. Samsung’s new image processor also reduces power consumption, which translates to longer battery life. On a single charge, consumers can record up to three hours of uninterrupted video -- ideal for when you wish to shoot for extended periods of time.

Featuring a high-performance 680K pixel CCD sensor, the SMX-F34 delivers a resolution of 720x480 and also incorporates Samsung’s new image processor which drastically enhances the overall digital imaging experience for the end user. Samsung’s new image processor yields higher-quality video, 3-D Noise Reduction, Face Detection for up to five subjects, a brighter 2.7 inch LCD display, as well as H.264 compression.

The SMX-F34 is also the ideal camcorder for the YouTube videographer. Featuring a Web & Mobile shooting mode, you can set the SMX-F34 to record in the exact format and resolution required by YouTube, resulting in faster upload times. By selecting the Web & Mobile mode, the camcorder’s resolution is automatically adjusted to 640x480 (H.264 / AAC / MP4) and optimized for use on Web sites. Furthermore, unlike other camcorders, users can easily import video from the SMX-F34 and play it on MP3 players and other portable multimedia players supporting H.264, without having to convert the files.

The SMX-F34 features a dedicated Photo mode that allows consumers to use the camcorder as a digital camera, snapping 800x600 resolution images. The SMX-F34 also offers added flexibility when it comes to zoom. Featuring Samsung’s intuitive 42x Intelli-Zoom, users can go beyond the camcorder’s 34x optical zoom without sacrificing image quality. When coupled with the camcorder’s high-quality, Schneider lens, and improved Advanced Image Stabilization, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to capture life the way you see it, with stunning color and clarity.

# Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.6 x 3.3 inches ; 8 ounces
# Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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Reviews Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder

Well, I had a video review ready but it simply won't upload so I had to shorten it substantially. Also, I'm new to video reviews so be kind. To be perfectly fair, I wanted to mention the following (and somewhat obvious)...
1. Took out of box, charged and recorded - hand held while walking in neighborhood park with mowing taking place in background. Unfortunately, the video goes fuzzy and there is a lag time when moving about quickly. In fact, it becomes downright blurry although it's not as obvious when you are actually holding the camera. Upon playback the fuzziness becomes more obvious.

2. Handled sound very well. The park was actually pretty loud but this buffered the background noise and picked up only the sound of our voices. Surprisingly decent.

3. Color saturation - fair but not stellar. Again, I made zero adjustments only the straight out of the box settings. Accurate but not great.

4. Ergonomic and convenient size. Buttons easy enough to locate. Light weight, easy to hold. Strap is non-slip.

5. Software installation simple enough but had to change format 3 times before would upload to website. Is a lot slower than anticipated - took 6 minutes to do 'save as' for a 2 min clip. I'm fairly underwhelmed by the included software. It has some cute little navigation etc but the Adobe and even the Microsoft "movie-maker" were a lot faster.

6. I would have uploaded a second video clip where I was standing still but Amazon only allows one so I deliberately selected the WORSt one to show the deficiencies. When I buy an item I want to know the limits of what I can do with it...when standing still, this item does much better. When moving/walking the lag time and shake (especially on zoom) becomes very obvious and exaggerated. Standing still, the picture is still a bit grainy and color saturation (out of the box settings) isn't great but quite sufficient for a general all-purpose inexpensive camcorder.

7. Comes packed with everything needed to get started - takes an optional card but not required.