Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder

Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder w/16GB Memory & 42x Intelli-Zoom (Blue)

Brand Samsung

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Product Details
* Record SD video to SD/SDHC cards and 16 GB of internal flash memory
* Enhance 34x optical zoom up to 42x with Samsung's new Intelli-zoom
* Web & Mobile shooting mode for easy online video sharing
* Capture 800x600 digital still photos
* Swivel hand grip for comfortable low-angle shooting

The new SMX-F34 is Samsung's next generation YouTube-compatible compact digital camcorder. Building on the SC-MX20 camcorder, the SMX-F34 offers additional features and functionality, including built-in memory, digital still photo capability, and Samsung's 42x Intelli-Zoom. Significantly more reliable than a standard digital zoom which negatively affects the quality of the image, Intelli-Zoom allows you to go beyond the camcorder's 34x optical zoom without sacrificing image quality. The SMX-F34 features a memory card slot for SD/SDHC and also offers 16GB of internal flash memory. Samsung is the first digital imaging company to apply H.264 compression to standard definition video, which considerably extends record times. Thanks to H.264 compression, users can record up to eight hours of standard definition video directly to the camcorder's internal flash memory without having to rely on a memory card. Samsung's new image processor also reduces power consumption, which translates to longer battery life. On a single charge, you can record up to three hours of uninterrupted video--ideal for when you wish to shoot for extended periods of time. Featuring a high-performance 680K pixel CCD sensor, the SMX-F34 delivers a resolution of 720x480 and also incorporates Samsung's new image processor which drastically enhances the overall image. Samsung's new image processor yields higher-quality video, 3-D Noise Reduction, Face Detection for up to five subjects, a brighter 2.7 inch LCD display, as well as H.264 compression.

# Product Dimensions: 29 x 10 x 5 inches ; 1.5 pounds
# Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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Reviews Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder

I just purchased this camera a few days back from Target and couldn't be happier. I did almost a straight month of research on deciding what camcorder to buy. Reviews after reviews make me unsure what to buy. I started with a decision to purchase the Canon FS100. Well a week later the new model FS200 came out and was $70 more. No thanks.

Then I found information on this camcorder. It actually won an award for best entry level camcorder. Got to be good I thought. I researched Samsung camcorders from my ultimate source of They rated the standard definition SC-MX20 very well in comparison to camcorders much more expensive. Therefore I took the plunge.

I have used the camera for a few days now and ran through a battery of tests. First off in regular daylight or inside light the picture is phenomenal for this camcorder. Shots are crisp and clear and the autofocus is quick. Zoom is great as well; great pace to keep focus and the intelli-zoom works well too.

As for the anti-shake function, this works pretty well until you hit 8x or more zoom, then it's tough to keep it really steady. Overall the F34 was pretty good for a digital (non-optical) anti-shake.